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Burton power have been around for many years specializing in classic Ford parts. As many of the early TVRs use Ford power plants Burtons ar often one of the first places to look for both standard speck engine parts and performance upgrade parts


Moss Europe are one of the biggest companies world wide specializing in classic British parts and useful for many parts used on the early TVRs.


With many of the parts on the early TVRs being Triumph based Rimmer Bros are certaily one of the places many early TVR owners use on a regular basis. Mainly Brakes and running gear but always very helpful to TVR owners.

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When it comes to cables here is another very useful company that others have used over the years. Especially when trying to have cables made for the very early cars.


Holden Vintage and Classic are a long established classic parts supplier. You will find many parts there that they have in stock or have re made that will apply to early TVRs.

Ace Peak Number Plates 

ace peak.jpg

Ace are one of the premium number plate manufacturers in the world. If you are ordering for a TVR Tell them you just require the numbers. Amazing quality and gives a fantastic finish to any restoration.

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Speedometer Cables various custom. 

Speedo cables (2).jpg

Over the years we have been asked many times if we have a speedo cable for a particular early TVR. However with so many different engines and gear boxes we would never have it right most of the time. Especially as so often owners have changed to 5 speed etc or even later engines.

Europa Spares can solve that issue if you send them your old one or the gear box and and speedo type and the length needed and they will make you one at a very sensible cost.

Taimar tailgate and 3000S hydrolic struts.

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Taimar tailgate and 3000S hydrolic struts are available from SGS. The 3000s its important that the strut is the right power and this one that is adjustable is very useful in getting that right. They stock several different fittings so give them a call as the 3000s had two types during production so you can get that right. 

Speedy cables Reconditioned-Tachometer-1

Speedy cables who are now based near Swansea in South Wales are a well known company who service the classic car world.

Speedy by name but like all things of this nature can take time to turn work round. Always sensible to address early on in a restoration so when the time comes to fit you have this side addressed.



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Past Parts.

Past Parts.jpg

There are a number of companies out there who will re build servos brake calipers master cylinders etc. In this throw away society i am a great believer of re building rather than reproduction parts especially if you have original Girling quality parts these re built and stainless sleeved are certainly far better in the long run. Cost is usually about the same as a replacement sometimes a little more but well worth it in the end. Past Parts we have used a number of times and can really endorse what they do. 

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