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Pailing Motor Engineers are a great place to go for repairs servicing and even restoration. The Pailing family have been involved with the early TVRs especially the M series and Vixens and have quite a collection of there own which which are used and enjoyed and seen at many club events. Give them a call and discuss your needs they are always happy to help.


Bridge Classic cars have many years experience in the classic car world and restoration. Recently they completed there first Pre 80s TVR a beautiful Grantura as featured in Sprint. They would be happy to discuss your needs well be it general servicing to a complete re build. Another option if you feel you dont have the ability or time or space to do a car yourself.

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TVR South west have been involved with TVRs for many years and a great support to both owners and the club for many years. Recently completing a restoration on a 3000m that was a awarded the Trevor Wilkinson award and was on the TVRCC Stand at the NEC in 2019.

From sevicing to restoration if your in the south west region a great place to go for help.

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Southways Automotive have many years experience with TVRs of all ages. Richard Kitchen has even written buyers guides to help owners for the later modeds. They are based in Fareham and help maintain a number of pre 80s TVRs if your based in the area well worth giving them a call.

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