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Lee at Trim Unique has grown into one of the premium trimmers in all TVRs. Lee worked in the factory for many years and later in the furniture industry. However in recent years retured to the motor industry and set up his workshop near the old TVR Factory in Blackpool. As you can see from one of the GMS car collection Lees work is of the highes quality and is always in great demand. One thing when taking on a restoration of i always advise is get everything off to a trimmer at the beginning of a project as people so often make the mistake of waiting until the end and think they can find a trimmer to work on it straight away which is often not the case. The best trimmers have a long waiting list and there list is always long which says it all.


Dave the trimmer has many years experience in the classic car world and has re trimmed many TVRs. Dave attends many TVR events where he will be happy to discuss your project on your car. Dave has done a number or early TVRs for customers and would be happy to share his advice on your project.

London carrage craft Logo.gif

London carriage craft have been involved in restoring classic car interior woodwork for many years. There work is of the highest standard and if you need help in restoring your early wooden dash such as the Tuscan SE and the earlier 1800s and Vixens that did not have a padded finish well worth giving them a call.

Lakewell Trim Supplies

Lakewell carry carpet sets and seat covers that some have succesfully used in there M series cars. The M series is the only Pre 80s TVR Model that we are aware of wher there are any off the shelf trim sets for.

However there is nothing like the finish of a professional job. However many enthusiasts want to do as much themselves from a cost view as well as personnel satisfaction of doing it themselves.

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John Simpson M.jpg

Re Building and replacing the sun roofs in the older TVRs is something we recomend leaving to the experts.

Yes with a lot of guidance and instruction you can attempt this yourself. However to get that perfect finish the guys at the Trimming centre have many years of experience. 

This beautiful early M now re built to an amazing standard had the roof replaced here and what a beauty. This car and many other TVRs are now for sale so if you ever dreamed of a V8 M and dont have time or skill to re build to this standard grab yourself a bargain as this cost far more to build than the owner is asking. 

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