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When the unthinkable happens like it sadly did to a special members pride and joy last year a beautiful 3000s Turbo conversion.

You want to know that when you pick up the phone that the insurers will look after everything in a professional and fair way.

Thankfully this car was insured wit Hagerty and they looked after the owner fully.

We have been insured with Hagerty for all our classic TVRs now for a number of years.

The reason being not price but quality of service, they only do one type of policy and that covers everything from sensible agreed value to full break down and recovery repatriation to the UK throughout Europe etc.

Unlike many other insurers they only cover the earlier as they specialize in the classic car end of insurance and understand values better than most.

We had a member on one of our trips blow an engine on the way to Spa Classic one year. I had suggested several months before that he insured with Hagerty however when the renewal came up he forgot. When he called his insures from the side of the road he found his break down only took him to a local garage for an inspection so an expensive lesson learned, he is now insured with Hagerty.

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Sadly lost but will never be forgotten this beautiful 3000s Turbo conversion.

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