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Hexham Horsless Carriages are one of the longest going dealers and service centers in the UK. Tony has been involved with early TVRs since 1980 and continues to support both the club and the marque today. We cant recommend them them any higher and long may it continue. Tony has other marques that he specializes in Nobel and Lotus but TVR is a true passion and if you want to deal with a real Pre 80s enthusiast you cant go wrong 

Amore Motors are one of the new dealers in the market,Mark who runs Amore has TVR running through his blood. This dealership club is a unique opperation and there passion and love for the cars is very evident the moment you meet Mark. Although like all dealers they carry all eras of  TVR the pre 80s models are something that Mark has a growing passion for and has sold a number of great Pre 80s examples over a short period of time.

If your looking for a particular model give him a call if he has not got one now he will certainly help with your search.

James Ager Grantura.jpg

JAMES AGGER have been supporting the marque for a number of years and have a passion for the older TVRs having owned and sold a number of examples over the year. Always there supporting the marque at events watch out for what they have to offer.

Fernhurst show room.jpg

Fernhurst motors is where my TVR journey began stopping off one day and finding my 3000S sitting there and making the easiest decision of my life. Fernhurst have been around for many years and where an official TVR dealer right to the end. They often have pre 80s examples on offer and certainly a great place to start the TVR journey.

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