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TVR Vixen Parts list by John Upham.

Vixen Spa 2019.jpg

TVR Vixen Parts list by John Upham was painstakingly put together many years ago and although not fully up to date its been a valuable resource to many over the years and still is today.

John has recently been doing some how to Clips on his Vixen and would be of interest to many who have not tackled these jobs before link below.

The M Fix webb site has been around now for many years and was an invaluable resourse when i first bought my 3000s and continues today to help others.

TVR M Series Parts Catalogue (2).jpg

The M Series parts list as produced by the factory is a useful reference tool. Athough many of the part numbers dont reference to parts today its still a useful tool. All diagrams are not 100% accurate but once again still useful for many things.

Taming the truculent troll hosted by the TVRCCNA

Taming the troculent troll.gif
Exactly TVR

This site although its been around for a long time is often missed by many. There is some fantastic information there shared by some of the US experts in the early cars.

vixen 1.2.3 (3).jpg

This rebuild blog following Matthews resoration of his MK1 Vixen is an amazing resourse which he has created on his long journey.

Many tips and helps that would apply to later Vixen models as well.

Thank you for you willingness to share.

A great help to may 

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