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TVR Classics are the place to go for all your Body and chassis needs. Duncan Reubins has been involved with making and building replacement shells bonnets chassis etc for many years.

Duncan Body shell.jpg
Duncan Chassis.jpg
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Jon Wolf Racing TVR Lotus Triumph 

Bespoke chassis and suspension components for racing cars and classic fast road cars,general restoration and maintenance for classic vehicles when he is not rebuilding his own after                 


Racetec Direct supply parts for all ages of TVRs right through to the later Sagaris. The have a growing range of replacement parts including some pre 80s parts.


Racing Green Parts are a well known supplier to the TVR world. They have supported the marque for many years and continue to grow there range available to all ages of TVR.


Classic Driving Development produce a wide range of upgrades for classic cars. Triumph based cars and TVRs being there speciallity. Some of the weak spots that where typical on the early TVR's and Triumph's. Alistair has re engineered many upgrades that will improve the reliability and handling of your TVR.

Klaus garage.jpg

Klaus over the years has collected many examples of Granturas covering all the model ranges. Klaus has used these for reference to enable him to both help others to restore there cars and to re manufature parts to help keep these great little cars alive.

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Mike Mooney has been connected with the early Griffith cars since the beginning. Mike has written several books on the history of these cars that became the game changer for TVR. Mike has a range of parts that he has had re made to assit those restoring these great little cars and is always happy to talk TVR and assist where he can.

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Harrington reproduce the chrome bumpers for the M series.

These where fitted on the early M series however due to US Regulations companies like MG and TVR where forced to produce cars with rubber bumpers. The body fit is different on the later cars to accommodate the later rubber bumpers, If fitting to a later car make sure you tell them the year of car your putting them on as they do both fittings.

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