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TVR The Range that never was.

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TVR The Range that never was.

TVR only managed to get the prototypes from Fissore,even though Martin Lilley and his Father thought when taking over TVR.

Presuming the Trident was part of what they were purchasing.

However the prototype TVR Tridents have gone on to be loved and cherished by there long term owners.

Here is Norman Hawkins beautiful example being shown at the London classic car show.

Logically coming out to the song, Sitting on the docks at the bay.

The demise of TVR which resulted in Martin and his father having the opportunity to invest and rescue TVR was the result of the New York dock strike which meant export which was the major part of TVR Sales at the time stopped.

TVR Trident Euro Tunnel.jpg

Period photo taken by, John Bailie in Blackpool

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